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An insights system powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Sherlok™ unlocks the value of current unstructured data in organisations, by providing systematic access to powerful insights.

Sherlok™ has been developed by strategists and insight professionals, for businesses to grow from understanding the human conversation.

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Organisations are adept at using structured data. Structured data includes such things as as KPI’s, NPS, scores, business results – organised, structured, trackable information.

In todays digital and experience led world, the volume of conversations is growing exponentially. Conversations and verbatim are called unstructured data. Social media, call centre conversations, complaints, emails, feedback are unstructured data. This data is rich, organic, customer led conversation that can reveal both, what is happening and why.

Sherlok™ ingests the unstructured data of conversations and verbatim in any format. Using AI, Sherlok™ constructs structured data sets to provide intelligence for improved business performance.

It’s Dynamic.

Insights are built from customer conversations and feedback – customers drive the questions and answers.

Data and insights grow and change as more data is ingested. Feedback on business changes are instant.

It’s Flexible.

Analysis is limited only by our imagination and the data available – that is it. Data can be analysed by an unlimited number of Sherlok™ blocks.

Sherlok™ blocks are the basic building blocks for analysis. Blocks are built around: brands, products, channels, divisions, conversation topics, experiences, type of interaction, business metrics (i.e. trust) as examples.



Insights can be aggregated for senior leadership to show the big picture. The cube of analysis allows for drill downs to an individual store or person level.

The true power of Sherlok™ is in the cube of analysis, allowing the business to drill further and further to find the granular issue.


Tone of voice analysis provides insight into the feelings of conversations. Tone includes accurate sentiment analysis and identifying emotions within the conversations. This allows organisations to identify pain points and improve human engagement.